Gwen Stefani in Glamour

7:07 AM

Gwen Stefani never ceases to amaze me with her beauty. It seems as though the older she gets the more beautiful she looks. I saw her on the cover of Glamour's October 2009 issue and she just looks fabulous.

My friends who know me know that I'm a huge fan of Miss Gwendolyn Renee Stefani. I can't believe she's going to be turning 40 soon since her birthday is around the corner on October 3rd. She is definitely looking great. She still looks like she's still in her 20's. I hope when I reach my 40's I can still look like i'm in my 20's. haha.

My boyfriend actually took me to see her in concert a few months ago. He knows how much I love No Doubt. Seeing No Doubt reunite and perform together on stage after 5 long years was definitely a treat. I didn't know whether to cry or to smile since it was all an emotional experience for me. I will never forget the day of the concert, given that it was the day before the death of Michael Jackson.

My friend Damien also went to see No Doubt in concert and was lucky enough to be in the pit and get close up for great pictures. The pictures to the right are the ones he took for me. Pretty close, eh?

Hearing all their classic songs brought back many memories. I look forward to when they come out with a new album.

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