Found an Abandoned Cute Puppy

9:22 AM

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were coming home late after having dinner at his parents. As we were driving down an abandoned street on a hot humid night with my windows down...I heard barking coming from an abandoned street. To my surprise, it was a cute little white puppy with spots tied between a dark alley of these abandoned buildings full of graffiti. I was thinking to myself, "Oh my God, who would tie their puppy there?!?" It was almost midnight at this time. At first, I just thought someone tied the puppy there temporarily.

But then this morning on the way to work, driving down the same street...that same PUPPY was still tied there barking and howling! I was so furious!! Who the hell would leave their puppy there?!? I am so mad! I asked my boyfriend if we could get it and take it to some shelter. But we were running late for work. So I begged him and made him promise me that we would get that dog and take it to a shelter once we got home after work.

I was so upset. I mean, I have a dog back home in California that's a rescued dog that I miss dearly. Now that I live in New York, I can't even have a puppy in my apartment and I want to have a dog so bad. And then here...people who CAN have a dog and they can't even FREAKIN' TAKE CARE OF IT!! The least thing they could have done was take it to a shelter rather than leaving it between 2 abandoned buildings making it susceptible to danger. It makes me extremely mad and sad at the same time. All I was thinking was "how long has that dog been there?" I mean, it's over 90 degrees outside, it has no shade, it's out in the sun, there's no water, no food. This is animal cruelty!

I called the Animal Protections within the neighborhood to report the issue and I've been on hold forever! I'm holding the phone while typing this trying to let out of my anger. As i'm holding the phone, i'm hearing a message that says, "we're experiencing a high volume of calls...please expect a long wait." Which occurs to me, the sadness to reality is, this happens to poor helpless animals way too much.

If you ever see an animal that may be under possible animal cruelty...please do something about it. Call your local animal shelter. Whatever you do, please don't ignore it. Someone else could love and take care of that animal thanks to you.

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