Dancing Game

9:08 AM

Adding captions to pictures can really bring out the story of the night. What you see here is pretty much what happened the entire night. haha.

My friends and I had so much fun. We danced at least 3 hours straight while singing to every song that the DJ played till we lost our voices. For whatever reason, the men at the club were extremely aggressive and persistent that night. As much as we let them know we were not interested in dancing, they would force a dance. See pictures as Exhibit A, B and C. HAHA.

I felt bad for my friend Alondra. She had it bad the entire night. She couldn't even enjoy dancing with us girls in peace without some guy trying to grab her. She kept trying to hide and huddle. Haha.

But honestly, it's not like us girls don't ever dance with men. No, trust me, we do dance. But when someone forces you to dance....it's not cute. Usually if girls come as a group, truthfully sometimes the group of girls are most of the time content with just dancing with each other. They don't mind dancing with just girls or dancing alone. Because I know when I go to a club, I like to dance and enjoy the music. I don't want to dance with a man who I have to worry that he's putting his hands in the wrong places and trying to grind me.

But not only that, some of us came with our boyfriends. When I was dancing with my boyfriend...one of these guys in the picture was whispering in my ear "can you teach me how to dance?" Seriously? I mean, I'm dancing with my man! But whatever, some men have to do what they have to do. I'm not going to go knocking down on a man's game. They can do what they feel is right, but it doesn't mean the women have to like it.

What a fun night!

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