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6:38 AM

Okay everyone, I have news for you. I started a new blog site. You're probably wondering "what for when you already have this blog?" Well, it is because I'm getting inquiries for gigs to do makeup and hair and people are asking to see my portfolio. I'm getting asked to do weddings, photo shoots, commercials, etc. YAY!! Unfortunately, I do not have a professional portfolio (but I will be having a professional portfolio very soon). However, I do have pictures that I have saved onto my computer and on my blog. So instead of sending links to my personal blog, I decided to start a separate blog for strictly fashion.

My new blog will still have my normal flare and personality to it. But instead of it being like THIS blog where I talk about anything from fashion to electronics to celebrities to makeup to just about anything (I can't help it, so much interests me)....I'm keeping this new blog I created, strictly fashion. It is much more organized that way. Therefore, if someone wants to see work that I have done, all I will do is send them a link to that blog...and if they decide to roam around throughout the rest of the blog, it will all be within its category. Make sense?

Okay, the name of my new blog is "MAKEUP + HAIR + FASHION = ART" pretty catchy, eh? If you wish to support me by visiting it and/or following that blog too, click here or you can go to ( I would greatly appreciate the love. There is not much on there since I just started it and I pretty much just transferred any makeup or fashion looks that I've done on this blog over to that blog. Don't worry, I won't stop posting on this blog. Thank you to all my faithful readers! =) Much love, Arlene.

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