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If you have ever heard of the group Improv Everywhere, then you know that we are known for causing scenes, chaos, and happiness in public places. It was initially started by Charlie Todd, involving thousands of undercover agents, including myself. If you have seen our missions, such as:

these events are just to name a few. If you have seen these events, then you know who we are already. Hopefully, you were lucky enough to witness our chaos.

-Right Picture: Charlie Todd and I

Well, this past weekend on Sunday Sept 27th, we surpassed another successful mission in Brooklyn. My friend Juan (picture to right) is my partner in crime when completing missions and we had a blast. Over 2,000 agents met up at Bergen St. at exactly 2:00pm in a Brooklyn factory outside of Cobble Hill, our meeting spot. Each of us were given an "invisible dog" leash and we thereafter went out for a nice walk on a Sunday afternoon.

If any of you live in Brooklyn, or happen to be within the area, you probably would have seen tons of people walking casually with their invisible dogs. It's not exactly something you see on any normal day.

(Picture Above Left: Charlie Todd)

Seeing the expressions on peoples faces when they saw Juan and I walking our invisible dogs was hilarious! But what was more hilarious was after they saw us, they would see MORE people walking invisible dogs and their facial expression then was PRICELESS!

I heard this one couple talking to each other about Juan and I, saying, "look at that two, they must be crazy."

Some people reacted differently. I had people who would stare at us with dirty looks, then I had others who just froze with their mouth open. I enjoyed how some people were very playful about the whole situation that they would even stop me and ask, "what breed is your dog?" and I would reply, "oh he's a terrier mix."

I loved how people who were walking their REAL dogs would walk by and their dog would stop to sniff our invisible dog. For a second, it looked as though our dogs were interacting. People actually stopped to take pictures of us and some tried to be discreet about it by recording with their cell phones. One guy actually tried to feel under my leash to see if maybe he could feel something. Haha....classic!

I even had a NY cop drive by and try to look at me with a stern face, then once I smiled back at him, he couldn't help but smile back at me and begin laughing out loud. Some onlookers approached the cops complaining, "there are crazy people walking everywhere with invisible dogs!" The lady cop said, "well, if they cause any harm, I'm going to have to cite them with an invisible ticket." haha. The cops were very entertained by the whole situation and just stood around just to watch and laugh with amusement. They caught on to our prank and knew we were harmless.

Agents really got into the role when it came to walking their invisible dog. A taxi cab actually hit one of the agents invisible dog, so he actually got on his knees and performed CPR on his poor helpless invisible dog. Watch the video by clicking here.

The area in Brooklyn that we were at was a very pet friendly town. There were signs everywhere that read "dogs are welcomed" and most of us took advantage of that. As you can tell from the picture signs, some store owners were very friendly about the whole situations, while others not so friendly.

I actually had a lengthy conversation with a waitress from a Sushi restaurant about my invisible dog that I named "Brownie." Juan and I were craving some sushi, so just before we stepped in, we asked the manager, "are dogs allowed inside?" Confused, the manager says, "sure, come in."

- Picture right: Me with my dog Brownie
- Picture below: Juan with his dog.

All the sushi chefs came out of the back kitchen just standing and starring at us with confusions as we were ordering our food for take-out. The chefs were so busy trying to figure us out that they kept messing up our order and dropping and bumping into things. I told Juan I would wait for him outside, and as soon as I left, one of the waitresses ran out after me to stop me.

Our conversation went something like this:

Waitress: "Excuse me, what are you doing?" (while pointing at my invisible dog)

Me: "Nothing. Just walking my dog."

Waitress: "Really? Just walking?"

Me: "Yes. Just walking."

By this time, the waitress pulls a notepad out of her apron and writes the word "WALK" and shows me the word that she just wrote, pointing at it.

Waitress: "You mean this? Walk? W-A-L-K? (she shows me the word "WALK" that she wrote on her notepad and spells it out to me)

Me: "Yes. Walk. W-A-L-K" (I spell the word right back to her)

Waitress: "Are you American?"

Me: "Yes, I'm an American."

Waitress: "I'm sorry, this is new to me. I just moved here from China."

Me: "Well, welcome to AMERICA!"

Waitress: "Is this something normal you Americans do?"

Me: "Yes, it's normal for us to walk our dogs." (as I point to all the other thousand agents walking along the streets with their invisible dogs)

Waitress: "Can I pet your dog?"

Me: "Sure, go ahead. He doesn't bite."

Now, I don't know what's more funnier. The fact that she thought I was crazy or the fact that she actually bent over to pet my invisible dog. You decide!

Rob Lathan, to the left walks multiple dogs. Some of you might actually have recognized him from his stunt "Permanent Nutface Gary." He plays a guy whose face froze in the middle of an orgasm. (Video below)

More than 2,000 agents were at this event. The picture to the right was the leashes that were returned after the event. Thanks to everyone for taking such awesome pictures allowing others to enjoy the memories from this day.

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