Bone Suckin' Sauce

8:20 AM

Okay, this is going to be a very random post but it's worth it for the sake of your taste buds. If you like chicken or even Buffalo wings, then you have to try this sauce called Bone Suckin' Sauce. My boyfriend and I found it at our local grocery store and a little skeptical because of the plain packaging. It looked like someone made it out of their kitchen and just slapped a plain label on it. But it was the catchy name of the sauce that intrigued us to buy it. I tell you, it was definitely worth the purchase. This sauce is sooooo good! My boyfriend and I made some slamming buffalo wings with this sauce and we wanted seconds. I honestly haven't had any buffalo wings better than the ones that we've made and it's all because of this sauce. We even slathered it on some baby back ribs and threw them in the broiler. Mmmm....yummy. If you can't find any in stores near you, you can check out their website by visitng
The jars range from $3.99 and up so it's rather reasonable in pricing. One of the things that I do I like about this sauce is that it's Gluten-Free. My dad is allergic to anything with Gluten so I know he would love this. It was actually the ONLY Sauce Rated as A+ in Health Magazine, #1 in Newsweek and #1 in Food & Wine. Happy eating!

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