Snowed In

9:29 AM

So, I'm working from home today. Why? Well look outside my window. (picture to the right)
It's 20 degrees outside! Brrrr! It's super duper freezing outside. Not only is it snowing, it's windy. The wind is so strong that it actually snatched my glasses off my face and flew bouncing off the snow.

I'm sure the snow plowmen are out
working hard today to clear those
New York streets.

As I was sipping on my coffee this morning while looking outside the window, I was watching this guy walking towards his car. (picture to the right) He was probably ATTEMPTING to go to work this Monday morning. It was a funny process to watch. I couldn't help but laugh while watching him.

It started with...

1.) Watching him brush the snow off his car.
2.) Shoveling snow to make a path.
3.) Watching him start his car just to see his tires keep SPINNING and SPINNING, but his car wasn't going anywhere. LOL.
4.) Then to see him get out of his car AGAIN to shovel MORE snow out of the way.
5.) Again, back in his car to see him driving out of his parking space. But watching as his SUV was sliding from SIDE to SIDE while driving less than 1 mile per hour. LOL
6.) Then seeing the driver make a U-Turn and park his car back into it's original spot.
7.) Finally, seeing him get out of his car and stare at it for a moment. What was he thinking I wondered? He was probably thinking "forget this, I'm not going to work today." LOL

HAHA. I was laughing when I finally saw him walk back to his apartment. He was really trying hard to make today happen. =)
It was so nice to see the blanket of fluffy snow outside of our apartment. It looked so inviting. I just wanted to jump in it. My boyfriend Tricky couldn't help himself but to write his name, or our names in the snow.
(pictures below)
I had a huge smile on my face when I saw the message that he wrote on the snow "Arlene loves Tricky".
It's true. I do love Tricky. =)

I was reading the news online from this morning from sites that I like to read, such as: The New York Times and the New York Post. There were articles that had asked for people to upload their personal pictures from today's snow day. I think I might upload some. But there was some great shots that others have taken.
I like the picture of the lady who was walking through the gusting wind and her umbrella flips out.
How cute little kitty looks standing on its hind legs. Looking for mice? I think not. It reminds me of my old neighbor's cat back home in California. His name was Orangeade and such an adorable cat.

A woman walking her dog along the Hudson River. You can faintly see the New York Skyline.

Pedestrians strolling along Central Park.

A man shoveling snow in the busy streets of Time Square.

To everyone back at home in California,
enjoy the warm weather that I miss.
And to my New Yorkers,
bundle up and stay warm.

~Love Arlene~

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