4th Annual Pillow Fight Day

4:07 AM

So my friend Juan invited me to this event coming up on April 4th, 2009 @ 3:00pm called the "4th Annual Pillow Fight" held at Wall St. in NYC.

It looks at though there was a change of location, because initially it was planned at Union Square where it has always been the last 3 years.

Check out the videos below from year 2007 & 2008's pillow fights. Several of my friends are going and I'm so excited to go. There's going to be flying pillows and teddy bears and lots and lots of feather in the air. WooHoo!
The read more information of this event, click here.

Pillow Fight Day!
If you're in California or some other state reading this thinking you wish you could go, there might be a pillow fight event in your state as well. I know there has been pillow fights in Los Angeles & San Francisco. Just go to www.pillowfightday.com

This is going to be fun. If you reside in the NY area, then you should check out this event. But of course, don't plan on bringing that same pillow home. lol

To see more videos edited by Rob Boudon, click here.

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