Lost in NYC no more

6:00 AM

Some of my friends know my first experience when I rode the NY subway by myself for the first time. It was a Friday morning and I was on the way to work in Manhattan. I pre-planned my route the day before on a website my friend Rosanna told me about called hopstop. It's similar to mapquest, but in this case it's a site for train and bus routes.

I usually carpool with my boyfriend to work, but this particular day, I wanted to be INDEPENDENT and get to work all by myself. I was thinking, "I'm independent. I can handle this. This is nothing." Normally, it should only take me about 45 min to get to work by train. But of course, that wasn't the case for me. It took me 3 hours!
Why? Well, several reasons.
1.) Someone on the train passed out, requiring medical attention.
2.) The next train I had to get on, was closed due to police investigation.
3.) Getting lost, trying to find an alternate route.
4.) Getting harrassed by strange men.
5.) Trying to make a phone call for help to my boyfriend, just to find out my phone is not working!! GREAT!
6.) Having to go back to the man that was harrassing me to sweet talk my way in getting him to let me borrow his phone so I could make a phone call. Can we say akward?

Luckily, I had exactly $10 in my pocket to take a taxi. As I flagged a cab, all I was thinking in my head as I was sitting through the ride was, "oh God I hope this ride is not going to cost me more than $10, please be less than $10, please be less than $10...."
I started thinking that if it costed more than $10, I was prepared to do the only thing that popped in my head at that moment. RUN! (just kidding). I was thrilled when it turned out my cab fare was exactly $10 dollars. WOOHOO!
Don't worry. I'm getting better at the train routes. I think it was just "that" day. Maybe next time, I should wear the NYC Subway sweater (see picture).
It has the entire map of Manhattan printed on the sweater. So next time if I get lost, I have my nifty sweater of the NY Subway Map to help me find the way. LOL.

But, hey...I can't complain. Taking the subway only cost $2. That beats having to pay the crazy gas prices and car insurance that I had to pay before.

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