Keeping Warm

7:21 AM

YAY! We made yesterday's snow day! Man was it cold....brrrr. I couldn't believe my boyfriend was craving McDonald's Big Mac yesterday. Out of all days, why does it have to be on a snow day? LOL
But of course, we made the trip for this Big Mac that he was craving. Remember, I'm still new to this snow thing. This is my second time actually seeing it snow since I've moved to NY. =)
I was so scared at first when he was driving down the slippery streets. I was holding on to the door handles so tight, you would think I was riding a rollercoaster. LOL. I'm not used to driving on the snow, so I was anticipating the car to spin and slide all over the place just like in the movies. Which of course, my boyfriend couldn't resist but to scare me a little (purposely of course) and started sliding on the streets. AHHHHH!!!!!

Today it's not snowing, but it's still super cold. It's actually colder today than it was yesterday. I was checking today's forecast. 16 degrees?!? Seriously? Tonight it will be 14 degrees. WOW! (see this week's forecast to the left)

Before I left California, my best friend Joann knitted me the warmest scarf as my going away gift. It keeps me so warm. Mmmm. But I was so bummed that I forgot it today on my way to work. I didn't realize it till I finally got out of the car and felt the freezing wind slap me in the face. What an awakening that was.

As I was walking to my building, it felt as though I had sand on the outer corners of my eyes. What? Sand? No, not sand. It turned out my tears were crystalizing from the cold. Crazy. I was trying to distract myself by singing in a really high pitch voice to help forget about the cold. "Fa-LA-La-La-LA-laaa!!" LOL. I was doing everything. I was even jumping to keep warm. My boyfriend was just laughing at me shaking his head and said, "you know all those things you're doing is not working, right?" LOL - haha, maybe it didn't. But it's a mental thing and as silly as it was...I believed it was working. =)

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