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I am so happy that No Doubt has finally reunited. After 5 long freakin' years, the group is back together and back on tour. My best friend Joann and I are HUGE fans of No Doubt. Isn't that right Joann? haha. Do you remember when we would rock out to their music so loud to the point of blowing out the speakers and jumping to the beat of the music? haha. I remember blasting their music in my room and my mom charging in my room screaming, "you're going to blow out your ear drums!" lol

As the years went by since their last album Rock Steady (2001) and their last performance together (2004), the hope for the group to perform again ran thin. But I always knew they would get back together. I had No Doubt they wouldn't reunite. I even made a bet with someone over it. Now, I need to go collect my money! haha.

For those who do like No Doubt a little or a lot and may appreciate their music as I's a history lesson about where No Doubt came from.

In case you don't know, the original name of the group was called Apple Core back in 1986 . At the time, the only band members consisted of Gwen Stefani, her brother Eric Stefani, lead singer John Spence and bass player Tony Kanal. However, John Spence ended up committing suicide when he was 18 years old, making Gwen lead singer and changing the name of the group to No Doubt and adding additional group members: drummer Adrian Young and guitarist Tom Dumont

In 1991, a documentary was filmed when Gwen was a senior in high school before No Doubt became famous (video below). You can see from the video below that she was already into fashion at an early start making her own clothing by hand. She quotes in the video below, "I want to be a big star." Well, her dream came true because a year after the making of that video, the group was offered a record deal with Interscope Records in 1992.

After signing with Interscope, the band's first album Beacon Street sold horribly. The band's style of music was ska which wasn't hot during the time within the music industry. The record label almost gave up on the group if the band didn't change their style of music. Gwen's brother Eric was unhappy with the changes being made and ended up quitting the group. He convinced his sister to continue on with the band while he ended up working on the cartoon hit show "The Simpsons." After Eric left the group, the band came out with their break through hit single, "Just a Girl" (1995) which changed the life of No Doubt.

In 1997, the band came out with their 2nd best album Tragic Kingdom (picture right). It was a great year for the band but at the same time a depressing time period for Gwen since after a 7 year relationship with bass player Tony Kanal came to an end. The album consisted of her hit song, "Don't Speak" which Gwen wrote with her brother Eric. The song was about her heart break with Tony. (video below)

Throughout the next couple years, the band was dealing with the changes of producers while Gwen was suffering from chronic depression over her breakup with Tony. Her fashion at the time showed her change in her emotions. The band came out with their least favorite album, Return of Saturn which had more songs telling a story about Gwen's breakup such as her song "Ex-Girlfriend". Watch her video below.

The last album the group made together was their #1 album called Rock Steady. The group went to Jamaica and were influenced by their trip. They wanted to make a turn around from the disappointment of their last album. So they worked with talented producers such as The Neptunes and even Prince. Their hit song "Hey Baby" won the group their very first grammy award. My favorite song from that album was "Underneath it All" (see video below).

After their final album "Rock Steady" the band came out with another album called, The Singles. It was a collaboration of all their hit singles throughout the years plus a bonus song "It's My Life." After all the years, Gwen wanted to explore other things and separated temporarily from the band to create her own solo albums, up until now.

That's pretty much it! A history of No Doubt. Pretty long of a blog, I know. But if you read it all...more power to you. I've attended a concert for each making album of No Doubt's and I'm ready to go see them again this year. I'm ecstatic that they'll be performing here in New York and I'm determined to see them.

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