10:23 AM

Yesterday my friends and I spent a day blowing bubbles in the middle of the busy streets of Times Square. The tourists were going crazy taking pictures of us and were amazed by the oddness of the fact that hundreds of New Yorkers came out of no where just to blow bubbles.

Some of the cops were not too happy that hundreds of people came out of randomness and tried to stop us. But seriously, what were we doing wrong? We were only blowing bubbles. One cops actually started screaming, "Who's in charge of this event!!? Answer me!" He stopped people individually asking what the organizer of the event looked liked. One young spectator pointed towards a direction and said, "he went that way...he's a 6 foot 4 inch asian man."

After the cops left towards the direction that the spectator pointed to, he turned and looked at me and said, "what asian guy is 6 foot 4 inches?" Then walked off laughing. By the way, the orgaProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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zer is NOT asian and it's true...how often do you see a 6 foot asian man? haha

But seriously, is there a crime in blowing bubbles? It's completely harmless. However, there were other cops who were of good spirit and actually enjoyed watching it. It was pure entertainment.

It was a day where all the adults can take a break from being an adult for just a moment and act like the little kids we once used to be.

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