Organized Kitchen Pantry

8:00 AM

Whoa Momma!! That's a crap load of stuff! I can't even believe my pantry even looked like this at one point. I'm so proud of the way I organized my pantry. Since I live in New York, apartments are small and limited in storage space so I have to make due with the lack of cupboards I have. My pantry which contains all of my baking ingredients was just awful and sad looking. As much as I love baking, every time I opened it, something was falling out. It was hard to find what I wanted and just the clutter itself would just spoil the mood of me wanting to bake sometimes. Something had to be done...and it needed to be quick!

I purchased these nifty containers that I found while roaming around at the Container Store (shown above) for $7.99 each which includes the spoon. (Don't even get me started about how much I love this store). It was important that the seal was airtight without the hassle of opening and closing. It's BPA free and  refrigerator, freezer, top rack dishwasher safe. My kind of container! Click here 

I used a label maker to name each container

I will show you an updated picture to see how this new organized pantry has been holding up...
so be sure to check back for the status. =) 

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