Electric Nails

8:10 AM

So my friends and I were talking about the Electric Daisy Carnival and Electric Zoo and how we had so much fun this year and can't wait for the next year to come. It made me think about my nails and how I spent the time to prep them to match the occasion that I totally forgot to show you guys what I did! Duh! But if you follow me on Instagram, then you didn't miss much since I posted this picture there before. I got so many compliments on them and people were asking me how I did it, I thought I'd share it with you. The results of the final look made people think that I spent several hours on them or that the process looked like it would be complicated. However, when I explained how simple the process was...people couldn't believe it.  

Tools that you will need:

1. Nail polishes of your choice (preferably opaque colors that are not sheer)

2. Scissors
3. Scotch Tape (yes, that's right...you will need tape)
4. Nail glue (optional)
5. Clear top coat

It's 6 easy steps. So here's how to do it.

1. Paint your nails any base color that you want.  (I chose a deep purple)

2. On a strip of scotch tape, paint strips of various colors of your choice 
3. Cut strips, triangles, squares...any shapes with a pair of scissors
4. Arrange the cut pieces of tape on your nail
5. For added security, you can use a tiny amount of nail glue to seal corners of the strips (optional)
6. Finish with a clear top coat for sealing...and your done!


P.S. If you never seen my Electric Daisy Carnival video with my friends this year...you should check it out here below! I can't believe that the video as of today has 116,491 views within 6 months! Thanks insane! That's for all the support

Click here to watch video

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