Caroline Issa's Collection for L.K. Bennett

6:30 AM

I had the lovely opportunity to meet a very young and successful model and designer Caroline Issa. I was invited to Bazaar Harper Magazine & L.K Benett's event as they celebrated the launch of Caroline Issa's collection before its release. L.K. Bennett is a favorite line of Kate Middleton and you can bet on it that she already ordered all of Caroline's collection. Also, doesn't Drew Barrymore look amazing on the cover for Bazaar? She is so gorgeous and doesn't seem to age one bit. I was able to get a special edition for this magazine that's different than what was released on stands. Thank you Bazaar and L.K. Bennett!
Can you see a hint of my blue highlights?
 My Outfit of the Day:
Glasses / Clear Framed - I got these for Christmas and loving them so much
Necklace - Bebe
Turquoise Blazer - Forever 21

Caroline Issa looking young and beautiful
Desserts? Yes, thank you for very much. These cookies with a cream and nut filling were so delish! 

Brownies? Yes, thank you!
Once you hear the story of Caroline's inspiration of these shoes, you will fall in love with them as much as I have. Pom-poms and all! Her inspiration came from her visit in Thailand and all the bold vibrant colors and patterns triggered this masterpiece.

I love the pom poms, they are so fun! I'm all about fun!

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