Organize Pots and Pans

11:42 AM

I am so loving the Container Store. I don't know why I never took any interest to go there after years of walking past the store on several occasions. If you've never been the Container Store, let me just warn's like walking into a candy store. It's a place where you can find anything and everything to organize your life and make things so much easier. If you ever been to Ikea and you enjoy it every time, then you will love the Container Store. Every week I've been tackling a new project around the house. I started doing this regimen of mine since the New Years resolution that I blogged about was to be more organized. So last week I organized my pots & pans.

Yes, I know. My before picture looked atrocious. I had my baking pans on the top shelf along with other baking essentials and my pots and pans on the bottom. I gutted everything out. Donated a few unused pots and pans to a friend who just moved to their new apartment the day before I took this picture. Made the decision to designate this cupboard for only pots and pans and moved my baking pans to a new home.

I picked up a lid organizer from the Container Store for only $4.99 and put the lids on the top shelf and the pots and pans on the bottom. Putting the more frequent used pieces in the front and the remainder in the back.
I picked up some self-adhesive hooks and stuck them to the inside of the door to hang my oven mits and cutting board. The green cutting board is a thin flexible plastic cutting board. It didn't have any holes for me to hang on to the hooks, so I cut a small square into it with a utility blade. Perfect! Now I don't have to scramble anymore looking for a cutting board and the oven mits no longer have to take up drawer space.

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