Happy New ORGANIZED Year!

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Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great New Year and I wish everyone a great 2012. Do you have any New Years Resolutions? I do. My #1 Resolution was to be more organized. I'm such a busy person (hence the lack of blog posts) so I'm trying to organize my life so that I can have time for other things that are fun...such as blogging. Oh by the way. Blogging and making videos on my YouTube channel was also on my New Years Resolution List. So since Organization is the #1 on my agenda, I figured I'd share with you some cool ideas and tips that I found while searching on Pinterest. I am proud to say that I've already completed some of these on the list. So maybe this list may stir up some ideas for yourself. If you have any New Years Resolutions, I'd love to know what they are...

So for starters, here's 10 organization tips:

1. Organize Cords
I just did this yesterday in my kitchen. Instead, I used a label maker as opposed to a bread clasp. It look so much neater and you don't have to fumble while trying to figure out what cord goes to what device.

3. Organize Closet.
Utilize the door to hang your bags.

4. Organize drawers
I did this already. I used to work at Victoria's Secrets and this is exactly how they organized the bras. It saves so much more space and much more pleasing to the eye...and not to mention... organized!

5. Organize hot tools.
Utilize bathroom cabinets with PVC pipes.

As much as looking at this annoys me because the perfectionist in me wants to fix and revert everything back its normal order. There is at the end of this...a purpose. At the beginning of the year, turn all the hangers backwards (takes less than a 60 seconds). Everytime you wear something, hang it back to its regular fashion. By the end of the year, if there is still some clothing hung backwards, you have to either throw it out or donate. Unless it's something that doesn't fit you but you plan to wear, get it out of your closet and put in storage until you can wear it. I actually did this on New Years day. It actually forces me to look at my clothes differently and be more creative with my clothing because there are pieces that I would hate to see go.

Who uses the ceiling space in their closet? I know I do not. As a matter of fact...Christmas is now over and the next time I'll be touching the gift wrapping paper won't be for another 11 months. So why not hang it where it's out of the way. Genius!

I'm happy that I've finished organizing my closet. I used empty shoe boxes that I decorated.
My closet looks so pretty now.

9. O
rganize Cupcake Liners
Spaghetti jar to organize your liners? Creative!

At the end of each month, transfer your photos to a CD to save space on your drive and to act as a back up. Label each CD by the month and year and
use a CD label to symbolize a general idea as to what's on the CD.

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