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9:42 AM

As much as I love baking cupcakes, the collection of cupcake liners can get a bit excessive if you're collection begins to grow throughout the Holidays. Luckily for me, I just baked over 4 dozen cupcakes within the past 2 weeks so my collection is starting to dwindle away (but not for long). I came across an amazing idea thanks to pinterest. Blogger Torie Jayne came up with a brilliant idea to organize her cupcake liners in a spaghetti jar. I had enlisted this idea in my previous blog post: "Happy New Organized Year"
I loved the idea and as soon as I saw it I wanted to organize my liners right away. But wait...I didn't have a spaghetti jar...and it was 2:00am in the night..stores were closed...and I was too impatient to wait till an appropriate time to go to the store to make one. So my mind started quickly thinking of an alternative as I was finishing the last few drops from my 1 liter seltzer water bottle. AHA! A light bulb literally just popped up in my head as I stared at my water bottle. How about a plastic bottle?!?! I was jumping around in the house with joy as Mr. Handsome looked at me as if I had just lost it. haha.

Here are the steps:

You'll need a 1 liter size bottle for this project.

Step 1:
Peel off the wrapper from the bottle

Step 2:
Clean any excess goo stuck on the bottle

Step 3:
Use masking tape as your guide to where you will cut.
You can skip this step and just eyeball it.
But I preferred to make sure it was as even as possible
since my eyeballing skills for cutting is like a 4th grader.
I lied.
A 3rd grader.

Step 4:
Cut. Cut. Cut.

Step 5:
Remove the tape.

Step 6:
File any sharp edges.
I didn't have any sand paper
(remember it was 2am)
so I just used an extra nail file that I have.
After this process, be sure to wash and dry the bottle.

Step 7:
Don't worry, the glue is dried now.
I was just too excited to take the picture to wait for the glue to dry.

Hope you enjoy it! If you do plan on doing this or anything similar to this...please let me know. I'd love to see it!

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