A Gift from Spain

6:55 PM

I was surprised to receive a package from one of my dear subscribers and friend Bea who lives all the way in Spain. The funny thing is, she said she had a surprise package filled with things that she made just for me and she wanted to send it in time for Christmas...but after weeks passed after Christmas, we both lost hope and thought that her precious package was lost in the mail. But to my surprise...the package miraculously showed up on time for my BIRTHDAY in February! Nearly 3 months later. Haha.

What a treat to get a package for your birthday. haha. It turned out that the Post Office had lost the package and finally it found its way to my door. Woohoo! Good thing because look at all these amazing things in this box. It would have been a shame to have lost all this given that Bea spent countless hours sewing and painting these awesome aprons.

There's a story behind how it all started. I discovered Bea's amazing talent in painting after she became my subscriber and after months of chatting. It was nice making a new friend across the globe and learning the different cultures based on each others blogs.

She knows how much I love baking and she decided to sew me not just one apron, but THREE aprons with some of her painted artwork on them. How beautiful!! I love all of them. And that ruffle apron is so adorable. I never even owned an apron before and what do you know, I get THREE. I couldn't be more thankful! I love them!

As you can see...they now have a special spot in my kitchen which I now hang next to my pantry!

Bea, you are so talented! You need to be selling your artwork. I can't thank you enough Bea...these totally made my day. Thank you sooooo much!!

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