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Yes I know it's been a long time since I've blogged. But trust me, I've spent my time wisely keeping busy having fun this New Year we now call 2011. It's a little different to hear 2011 roll out the tip of my tongue. But either way, this year has started off great for me. I'm hoping you all are having a great start so far. Well instead of me trying to explain myself of my lack of existence in this Bloggy-Blog world with a bunch of useless excuses....how about I just show you some pictures instead? Here are 5 things that I've done since the last time I've blogged (in no specific order).

#1 My first 3 Tier Fondant Cake
(this is my second fondant cake I've ever made!)

I made my first attempt at making a 3 tier fondant cake. I made it for my friend Sirin's 9 year old daughter Maia's birthday. It is chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting and the fondant is made out of marshmallows. My boyfriend helped me shape the letter "M" out of rice crispies. If you have not seen my very first fondant cake, it was of a lady bug which you can see it here in a previous blog post.

I am pretty proud of myself considering this is my 2nd fondant cake that I ever made. I became inspired to make cakes after watching my favorite show "Cake Boss" and also from my fellow YouTubers Mayen and RylanTy and my Cupcake buddy JellyJan who lives in Thailand (which in due time I will convince her to move to New York heehee...I love her).

#2 Hawaiian Gingerbread House

As corny as it sounds, I've always wanted to build a gingerbread house since I was little. So for Christmas, my boyfriend gave me a GIANT Gingerbread House as a gift. I felt like a little kid on a major sugar high when I received it too.

I didn't want to do the generic gingerbread house so I decided to be different and make a Hawaiian gingerbread house since I love Hawaiian dancing. Here's a couple pictures of my take on it. Check out the video below of the process of it being made. click here to see video

#3 Nuits de Satin
(Spirit & Vintage Lingerie)
Photos courtesy of photographer: Melissa Harrison

I got the chance to work with a fabulous photographer, Melissa Harrison in updating a website and magazine for a lingerie line. The lingerie line is based in Paris called Nuits de Satin (Spirit & Vintage) and will be making its way soon to the USA. I have been working on the video of the behind the scenes, so for now...here are a couple pictures from the magazine for you to enjoy.

Model: Lily
Photographer: Melissa Harrison
Makeup: Arlene Leilani
Hair: Arlene Leilani

#4 Spike TV
(working on set)
Photos courtesy of photographer: Mike Collado from Rumba Caliente Magazine

I had the opportunity to work on set as a makeup artist for an upcoming tv show
called Bikini Babes for Spike TV (a men's network). I will be having a video coming up soon of the behind the scenes. But for now, here are some photos.
Photographer: Mike Collado (Rumba Caliente Magazine)

#5 Sephora

I had an interview the day of Fashion Night out at Sephora and after my interview had the opportunity to meet with celebrities such as Kat Von D and YouTube Gurus JulieG713, Fafinettex3, KorenMakeup, WhatStyleIsToNickel, MamiChula8153, NatyMidnight.

There were other celebrities at Fashion Night also at Sephora such as my favorite....Gwen Stefani. She is so fabulous and after 2 kids, let's not forget...beautiful!

If you want to see a video from Fashion Night Out I uploaded a video of my experience on my YouTube channel or you can watch the video below.
Click here to see the video.

Ontop of it all...I ended up getting hired as a makeup artist for Sephora. Woohoo! Yay! With permission from my store director/manager I will definitely let you know if thereis anything new and popping I'll be sure to spread the word.

Working at Sephora has definitely been fun and all the people that work there are amazing. I get asked this question often, "do you get paid commission?" So let me clear the record....the answer is "NO." Sephora employees do not get commission, everything is 100% customer service. So when you get an employee giving you that extra service and you think to yourself "hmm..I wonder if they are getting commission" you can stop right there, because they are commission free. I've always been treated with great quality customer service as a consumer so I was extremely happy when I joined the Sephora team.

So that's just 5 things that have happened since I last blogged. Stay around for many more posts to come.


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