Droid X

5:06 AM

I finally got my Droid X yesterday! It has been so long since i've gotten myself a new phone. I've been a Blackberry user for so many years...but it was about that time to move onto something new. It was a toss between getting an iPhone or a Droid. But since I already have an iTouch and an iPad....I figured I would get something else" non-apple". Besides, a few of my iPhone user friends moved onto a Droid highly recommended it to me. So after months of contemplating, alas, my new baby! Some people have claimed that it takes a little while to adjust to. But I think its not as difficult to learn how to use as some have stated. I think if you are used to using a Blackberry, an iTouch, iPhone or any touch screen device then this will be breezy easy for you. I mean, I am writing this blog through my Droid X too. Awesome! I'll give further review on it after a couple weeks of usage.
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