My Life In Short...

2:12 PM

I remember when I first made the decision to move to New York, so many people tried to talk me out it. When I quit my corporate job of 8 years, people thought I was crazy. I even had others tell me that I was selfish for leaving. Selfish?!? How so? Because I want to make a better life for myself? I just knew that California wasn't the place for me and I wanted to pursue my love of art elsewhere...and staying in a corporate job behind a desk definitely wasn't the way to go. At least for me it wasn't. So I packed my bags, and made the biggest decision of my life and moved to New York to pursue my love art on a full time basis. Imagine if I actually listened to those negative words that people said to me. All the great things that have been happening to me within such a short span...I would have missed out.

So if you ever have a dream for yourself, don't let those who try to talk you out of it get in your way. If you want to move out of your small comfort zone to accomplish whatever it is in life that's so much bigger...then go for it. The only thing you have full control of in life is the decisions you decide to make for yourself, no one else. And besides, if things don't work always can try again. But you will never know till you go for it and just try. Life is not on repeat. You only live this life once. So live it up, and live it right.

So I leave you with one short sentence of my life...

"I think life started getting exciting for me
when I stopped caring about
what people would say/think about me."
- Queen (Arlene) Leilani

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