Santa's Letter to Me

5:00 AM

haha....I got a letter from Santa! woohoo!!

There are a few things I would like...not that I would get all of them at once. But I would like to eventually have them. Here are 4 things that I really would like to get within the next 12 months:

1.) Sigma Makeup Brushes (full set with brush roll)
I first learned about these brushes from YouTube guru MakebyTiffanyD earlier this year (March 2009). They are comparable to being the same quality as MAC brushes. For the fraction of the cost, you can get the entire set of 12 brushes with the brush roll for $89.00 which is amazing! (click here) To some, that may sound a lot. But if you compare it to MAC, some brushes with MAC can cost you about $50 for just one brush. So do the math. Now, you're probably wondering why if I like it so much, why I haven't gone out and bought it then? Well, there has been several contests out on YouTube that are sponsored by Sigma Makeup to win the brushes for free. So I have been adamant on trying to win the brushes over buying them. But I gave myself a year. If I don't win the brushes by March 2010, that I would cave in to buying them. But honestly, I would feel proud to win it instead. You can check out the brushes at

2.) iTouch
Ok, some of you it may seem like i'm a late bloomer when it comes to the rave of the iTouch. But actually, I've been wanting an iTouch since it first came out. I remember when I went to purchase a replacement on my 2nd iPod a few years ago, the sales clerks at the Apple store kept trying to sell me the iTouch when the 1st generation was first released. I was almost tempted to buy it. But at the time, the storage capacity of the iTouch sucked! So I decided to wait on it till a few generations later when the model improved. I like to watch music videos and movies along with listening to music and playing if i'm going to get an iTouch, it would have to withstand the memory of everything I want.

3.) High Definition Canon Camera For those who know me, know that I cannot leave home without my camera! Some might say "I can't leave home without my phone!" No, my priority is my camera over my phone. haha. Whenever I leave the house forgetting my camera, I end up SO ANGRY with myself. Ugh! But since I do video editing for a living along with pleasure, the next camera I get must be able to take high definition quality video and ZOOM like no ones business! My boss who does professional photography for a living, just purchased a new Canon Camera which takes video also and it takes BEAUTIFUL quality pictures. She wants to sell me her older camera (doesn't take video) but I think I might buy her older camera anyways. (click here)

4.) Blackberry Tour
Last, but not least. A new phone for God's sakes! It's been years since I've purchased a brand new phone. Luckily, I've been gracious enough to have friends who have been kind enough to pass me on their old phones. Everytime they get new phones, I get to have their old phones. But of course, the reason why they got new phones to begin with was because they were already having problems with their old phones. So taking their old phones meant taking their old problems too. But hey....I was fine with it at the time because I was saving money. I am not one of those people who are obsessed with their phones (as I am with my camera) where I must have it on me at all times. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend gets mad at me because I always forget my phone at home. haha. I rarely ever talk on the phone. So you're probably wondering, why get a phone then? Well, I like to chat through blackberry messenger and be able to surf the internet wherever I go. I also found that it's extremely helpful when you're taking the subway and need a quick reference map. I use my current phone as a gps navigator...but lately, it's been crapping out on me and freezing. So it's about time I get a brand new phone (problem free).

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