Back from Vacation

5:50 PM

I know I haven't blogged for a few weeks now....and it's because I've been away on vacation. I went back to California to visit family and friends. It was my first time to go back home ever since I moved to New York. It was so nice to see everyone that I love. There was so many people to see and so little time. So therefore, I will have to visit again soon.

I can't believe that it's been nearly a year since I moved to New York. I remember when I initially started this blog, it was my way to stay connected with my friends and family as I moved across the country...and to let them know that i'm alright.

It was so nice to visit home and to especially be at the place I love to be at most.....the beach. Granted, it was about 70 degrees around this time...which to Californians is too cold to be tanning at the beach. But after being in New York for so long, 70 degree weather was warm and a perfect day for me to tan...especially when you get used to weather as cold as 20-30 degree weather. Anything in the 70's is perfect! One of the things that I knew I would miss is watching the sunset. I always looked forward to watching the sunset in beach. It's a beautiful sight. But after living in New York, you don't get to see the sunset...but the sunrise. Beautiful.

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