Help Portrait - New York 2009

8:23 AM

As Christmas is just 2 days away...we have to remember the most important things in our lives and to not forget to show gratitude for what we have. Because as easy it is for things to be given to us...whether it be a job, a home, or a family...those same things can easily be taken away.

This is my first Christmas not spending it with my family since I moved across the country. And instead of feeling sad about it...I really wanted to do something this year to help others. My uncle and I used to go to different shelters to feed the homeless during the holidays. While everyone was at home with their family enjoying their holiday hot uncle and I were out feeding the homeless on our holiday.

I wanted to do something special again this year being that I'm now living thousands of miles away from my own family. So this is what I decided to do. (watch video below).

Help Portrait is a movement of photographers who are using their time, equipment and expertise to give back to those who are less fortunate.

I was very honored to be able to work as the makeup artist with a group of fabulous and talented photographers. I enjoyed every second of it. And the end result, was amazing.

And you know you have done a good thing when your inbox is flooded with messages like this one to the right (click on image to enlarge).

I wish you all a safe and wonderful Christmas. Don't forget to tell the ones that you love those 3 special words....
"I love you."

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