The Price is Right - Bob Barker (Special Guest)

8:49 AM

As I'm writing this, I'm watching one of my grandma's favorite shows, "The Price Is Right." When I was a kid, I loved summer break because I could watch this show every morning with her since it always aired when I was already at school.

I once attended the show with a bunch of my friends. I was so thrilled when I heard my friend's name called out "George, you're the next contestant on our show....C'mon on down!" It was so exciting! It was even more exciting when Bob said, "George you have a chance to win a NEW CAR!" as the doors opened.

Bob Barker, hosted the show for 35 years, the longest game show aired on tv in history till this date. When he retired he passed his torched to Drew Carey, which in my opinion was an excellent choice. Today, Bob Barker appeared as a special guest and was promoting his new book called "Priceless Memories." and it was a treat to all the viewers who have loved him all these years. Seeing him today reminded me of my grandma and that was enough to put a smile on my face.

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