Lady Gaga Inspired Nails

4:49 PM

My friend Danilsa loves Lady Gaga!

When she came over to my apartment the other day, I painted her nails Lady Gaga style. If you've ever seen the music video, "Poker Face" (video below) there's a scene where she places a deck of cards face down and flashes her nails that have the symbols of the cards. Hearts. Spades. Clubs. Diamonds.

Lady Gaga's nails are painted with the colors black, white, red with crystal embellishments.
I took the inspiration from the video and incorporated it into my own style. Instead, I used the colors: hot pink, black, white with crystal embelishments. I painted Danilsa's right hand Lady Gaga style. I then painted Danilsa's left hand something completely different. As a matter of fact, with the same colors, I just freestyled with no plan as to what I was doing and I thought it came out pretty good. Hope you like it. =)

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