Pizza Time!

4:04 PM

Pizza Time!

All that pizza talk on my post yesterday had me craving pizza all day. It was probably not a good idea to post something about food when you're hungry. It's torture! Especially when it's hours before you're off the clock at work. It sounded like I had a little lion growling in my stomach all day. GRRRRR...
Have you ever heard that saying about how you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry? You'll end up buying the entire store. Well, here's a new saying....never post a blog about food when you're starving and it's hours before you can eat. LOL.
So as soon as I got off work, my boyfriend asked me what I wanted to eat. "PIZZA!" I said with no hesitation at all. =)

There's this spot in the Bronx that we like to go to on our way home. It's the same little spot that Jennifer Lopez used to go to when she lived in the Bronx. I like watching how the pizza man tosses the dough up in the air and prepares it. He's fun to watch. It's as if he putting on a show. He gets so enthusiastic preparing the pizza with a big cheesy smile while doing tricks and cracking jokes at the same time. He makes it look so easy. My boyfriend said that he's been going to that joint for a while and said that the pizza man never acted like that before when he went there by himself. He said he gets all excited and full of smiles whenever I show up. So he thinks the pizza man has a little crush on me. Ha!
Well, I just had to take a picture of it. Mmmm. My favorite toppings are sausage and mushrooms and it's sooooooo good. Before, my boyfriend used to just get plain cheese pizza but now, he gets the same as me. I don't blame him, the sausage here tastes so good!

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