A Man in the Kitchen

7:22 PM

I was going to make dinner the other night after work, but my boyfriend decided he wanted to cook dinner instead. He's so sweet. It's so nice to actually be in a relationship where the man actually knows how to cook. Well, let me rephrase that. It's nice to be in a relationship with a man who knows how to cook and bake. =) It's nice that we can actually cook for each other.

For dinner, he made some juicy garlic broiled porkchops with baked potato and asparaghus. Mmmm, the porkchops were so moist and tender.

I had been complaining to him about how slow my nails have been growing. So he's been cooking everything with garlic, since he says it's good for your nails and hair. If your nails grow slow or are weak and brittle, garlic is the way to go.

Then after dinner, we baked chocolate chip brownies together. YUMMM!!!
I think it's so cute when a guy knows how to bake. =)

Hmm...I wonder what we're gonna bake next.
Can you believe it's already been a month
that I've lived in New York?
How fast the time flys by.

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