New York Tickets are bought...

6:52 AM

My boyfriend just bought me my tickets to New York. It's a done deal. Before he bought them, he asked me, "what day do you want to fly in?" I literally stood quiet for 5 minutes thinking in my mind, "hmmmm....what day?" I could leave sooner but I was thinking that something is bound to come up that's going to require more time to finish. I already put my resignation for my current job and my last day is next friday Jan 23rd.

I get asked a lot if I'm scared to move to New York. Hmmm....I wouldn't call it scared. Maybe a little nervous. I think I'm more nervous about the weather than anything because I was checking the temperature out there today and I was blown away to find out it was 12 degrees! OH CRAP! 12 degrees!?!? OMG! I don't even think I've felt that kind of weather before.

I know I used to live in Virginia where it snows, but I was too young to remember. Like I said before, I've been to NY during every season, yet somehow I always missed it whenever it snowed or when it was blistering cold.

It's funny, because right before I would make a trip to NY, I would ask my friends in advance what the weather was like out there. It would give me an idea as to what type of clothes to pack. They would warn me to dress warm and tell me how freezing cold it was. So I would pack my warmest clothes. Then as soon as I get there, it's hot or humid! It's everything opposite of what they explained it to be. I'd end up packing the wrong clothes for my trip. It was so funny. They would say it was my fault that the weather would change because I would bring the California sun. HAHA...from the looks of it, I might have to agree. LOL

The same thing happened to my boyfriend. He came to visit me in California and spend Thanksgiving with me and my family. He asked me in advance what the weather was like and I told him it had been sunny and HOT! It had been around 90 degrees and some days even reaching 100 degrees. I told him to dress in T-Shirts because it had been so hot and to bring swimming trunks so we could hang out at the beach. But the day he arrived, why did it start raining?? The entire week he was here on his vacation, it rained every single day and not to mention FREEZING COLD! I'm not talking about sprinkling either. I'm talking about pouring rain! What the heck?? I told him it was his fault, that he brought the New York weather to California. LOL It even rained the morning I dropped him off at the airport. Yet, as soon as I drove back home after dropping him off at the airport, the rain stopped. In fact, it hasn't rained since then. It was as if he took the weather back home with him. Weird, right?

Maybe if I pray hard enough, I'll get lucky enough to bring the California sun.

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