MULAN - Disney Princess Collab!

7:53 AM

So Halloween came and gone so fast it seems! I did a Disney Princess Collaboration with a few of my friends on YouTube. We all did a look inspired by one of the Princesses and I chose MULAN. It's one of my favorite Disney movies along with Little Mermaid. I was actually feeling very sick when I initially filmed this and I still am sick as I write this with a fever of 103 degrees. Boo! This flu bug has been floating around during this drastic weather change and I've been trying to avoid it as much as possible. But it came around the hidden corner, jumped out at me and said "Tag you're it!' Haha. So here we are. Well I hope you like my Disney look and hope you enjoy watching my video as much as I enjoyed making it. 



If you can see the video, click here to view.

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