Give Good Face at IMATS 2012

5:06 PM

I did a recent blog post of some pictures from my experience working at IMATS with Jordan Liberty, creator for Give Good Face. If you missed that post, you can catch up on it here. I finally finished editing the video of my time working at IMATS, check it out below.  

It was such a pleasure working with Jordan who I've been an avid admirer of his work since way before he joined the YouTube community. 
 I first discovered Jordan on Model Mayhem years ago when he answered questions on the forum to eager makeup artists who had questions such as "what are the best products to use for a glossy eye for photo shoots." He was really good at responding back to these questions...however, it just made much more sense to just make a tutorial video which can be re-watched over and over again. Thus, the Give Good Face YouTube Channel was born and Thanks God for that! I actually used some of his techniques for my photo shoots and thanks to his advice, some of my work ended up making the front cover of a magazine and centerfold. (see pictures) It was so awesome walking into almost every store such as Barnes and Nobles and seeing my magazine. Thank you Jordan! =)

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