Behind the Scenes Photoshoot - Cristian & Cristal

10:36 PM

If you can't see the pictures or videos, click here.

Some of you already know that I work a 2nd job as freelance makeup artist so balancing 2 jobs can be a struggle. So lateley I've been real busy working doing both makeup and hair for photoshoots and haven't had as much time to blog as much as I'd like to.

So instead, I decided to make a video to show you a little of what I do and to show you what it's like behind the scenes of one of my photoshoots. So here's a video that I edited of a shoot that I did with Cristian Gomez and Cristal Hernandez. I worked as the makeup artist and stylist on the set and the photographer was Jess from Tastefully Bare. If you want to see more of my makeup work, you can keep up to date with me on my Facebook. Watch the video below and I hope you like it and enjoy!

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