DIY Cookie Cutters

8:16 AM

If you have seen my Valentines video on my YouTube channel, I made a DIY (Do it Yourself) on
"How to make a Cookie Cutter." I made a variety of cookie cutters such as: hearts, stars and even our most loved Disney character, Mickey Mouse (which I made for my best friend Joann).

I was able to make some really adorable cookies with my cookie cutter. I provided the recipe and the steps on how I created my cookies (picture above). Click here to the original blog post for the recipe. The original tutorial video for the cookie cutters is below.

Well one of my YouTube subscribers TheIvyAuthor sent me a message about how she was having a Hollywood theme tea party and used my tutorial video to make her very own cookie cutters. She was kind enough to share her video with me and I thought I would show you what she made. Check out her video below. She made Hollywood sunglasses and I have to say...they are so adorable! Thanks girl for sharing your creation with me. =)

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