No Pants & No Underwear on the Subway Ride

10:25 AM

I'm not even sure if I ever shared this with my bloggers....
but this was the "No Pants on the Subway Ride" here in New York City that I did with my friends and the group that I belong to, Improv Everywhere. A group that's known for causing chaos and happiness in public places. And yes, I did take my pants off. What fun with it be if I didn't? People have asked me if I was shy or embarrassed in any way? Well, I wouldn't say I felt any of those things at all. Given that this was done in was still cold. So I think I was just thinking how hella cold it was. lol But after awhile, you just get used to it. Oh by the way, I edited the first video that you're about to watch...

Video Edited by: QueenLeilani (Arlene)

OMG! They're NAKED!!!!!

Sike! No, not really naked. It just looks like they are...with a little help of video editing. lol Check out the second video here. For April Fools....Improv Everywhere posted a continuation video from the "No Pants on the Subway Ride" but in this case....they blurred out the underwear and posted it on YouTube to trick the viewers to actually think us crazy New Yorkers were actually naked on the subway. LOL But if you pay attention....a lot of the footage used here...was from the No Pants on the Subway Ride Prank. This was in April, who's gonna be wearing hats, scarfs, jackets in April? lol Well, I guess I was able to tell right away since I was in it. lol Enjoy!

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