My Funny Family

8:03 AM

I love my crazy fun loving family. One thing about my family that you will know right off the bat is that we are a bunch of comics. Every time you get us's nothing but a bunch of LOUD people getting together with laughs, jokes, and just all around humor.

Check out these 2 videos of my cousin Tyler below. He says he wants to get a million views. haha. He was competing at his school's Mr. La Sierra pageant, and of course, he WON! Congrats Mr. La Sierra.! You gotta love public school. lol

The 1st video is of him dressed up as Taylor Swift. So instead of it being Tayler Swift, it was Tyler Swift for the night. lol He even wrote his own lyrics. Gotta love public school. haha

The next video below is of him and his other friends dancing to Beyonce's hit song "Single Ladies." Tyler is the one with the sweat head band and you can see him in the video doing his solo dance at 1:56

Congratulations to my cousin Tyler for winning Mr. La Sierra!

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