Kitchenaid Mixer

9:49 AM

I hope you guys are enjoy your new years so far! Wow it feels like 2014 just passed us by so where did the year go? It felt like we just celebrated New Years for 2014 not too long ago! I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays and are on a good start 2015.

As for me, after years of wishing...I finally received for Christmas a KitchenAid Mixer 5QT. Yay!! I've been wanting this bad boy for years but it's so darn expensive. I specifically wanted the one with the clear bowl for video purposes. Since I film baking tutorials for my YouTube channel,  I wanted what I made to be visible. It usually runs between $250-$500 depending on the version you get. But they had a great sale at Costco for $229 until Jan 18, 2015... so if you ever consider getting one, consider getting it there

So the first thing I wanted to make with my mixer was bread. But not just any bread. Challah bread! According to Wikipedia, it's a special Jewish braided bread eaten on Sabbath and Holidays. My friend who is Jewish taught me how to make it. I had never heard of Challah bread before until I moved to New York and when I took my first bite I was completely hooked. I felt like I was living under a rock my entire life for not discovering this bread sooner. So delish! Stay tuned for the video tutorial on how to make this - and if you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, just a heads up, I always post the tutorial on my YouTube first before I post it on my blog. Until next time, see you on my next post. =)

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