FALLing to Autumn Nails (YouTube Beauty Collab)

8:10 AM

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've made a beauty video and what better way to start but in a collaboration with some of my YouTube beauty girl friends! We all created a video inspired by Fall. As for me, I was inspired by my scarf which I love wearing during this season. If you don't know yet, purple is one of my favorite colors. I love the combination of the gold and purple on my scarf and recreated it on my nails. I hope you like it! Please check out the video above. If you have trouble viewing it from my blog,  click here to watch.

Products I used:

:: Base Coat - Formula X for Sephora
:: Swatch Me - Julep Nailpolish
:: Glamorously Glittering #6 - Milani Eyez Glittering Eyeshadow
:: Beautifully Brilliant #2 - Milani Eyez Glittering Eyeshadow
:: Olive Oil
:: Q-tips - Target
:: Nail Glitter - LA Splash
:: Hardwear Top Coat - Butter London

Please check out the videos from my other YouTube beauty friends who are also part of this Fall collaboration. You can find their links to their YouTube page below:

:: Nicole (Mommytipsbycole) 
:: Yanyi (Missyanyibeautynlife)
:: Arlene (QueenLeilani)
:: Airah (Airahmorena08)
:: Wing (Divamakeupqueen)
:: Diana (Saldanadiana)
:: Rheesa (Reesiibabe)
:: Melinda (Memeathroughz)
:: Grace (Xogoxo)

Happy Fall!! xoxo Arlene

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