Fashion's Night Out 2012

1:38 PM

I had a great time during Fashion's Night Out in New York with my girls who are also on YouTube. Lee Lee aka Mamichula8153, Melissa aka oxPRETTYSPiFFYxo and Nathalie aka NatyMidnight and let's not forget my friend Waise in the back which technically he was considered one of the girls for the night. He actually flew in all the way from San Francisco, California to New York the same day just for  Fashion's Night Out and flew back home the next day. Only a 1 day trip. Now that's real dedication to fashion right there! As Waise quoted for the night, "I have to look fabulous just in case I see Anna Wintour" haha. Speaking of Anna Wintour, you must watch "The September Issue"  which is a documentary of the behind the scenes of the making of fashion magazine Vogue. If you're into fashion, it's definitely something worth watching. Click here to watch the trailer. As for Fashion's Night Out....we had a fabulous time, despite the riot that took place in SoHo. Check out our video below to see how the night went....

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