Organization: Junk Drawer

12:01 PM

Junk Drawers. Everyone has one...and it gets overlooked to be organized. Yet, it's the most visited and used drawer in the house. It's the drawer for useful items that do not have a designated home, so it gets thrown in the "junk drawer" (hence the name). But I can't stand when I'm in a hurry and I can't find what I'm looking for! You keep digging and digging and you end up with what ultimately looks like this. JUNK! [sigh]

I went to TJ Maxx during my lunch break and I found this 10-piece drawer organizer for $6.99 which I thought was a sweet deal with the amount of pieces you get with it. The compartments snap on to one another so you can arrange them in any sequence of your choice. I've seen some similar to this but they range a little more. But heck, the price was right, so I grabbed it!

If you find these compartments in TJ Maxx or anywhere else, GRAB THEM! You can even try your local dollar stores as well. However, if you can't find them...I found these organizers just as handy at the Container Store.
It has the ability to interlock and change the arrangement.

If you have deep drawers, you can even try these also found at the
Container Store
When it came down to actually organizing this drawer...I knew that I would get a little overwhelmed when I realized how much junk I had. So to make things a little easier and fun, I took 2 empty shoe boxes and labeled one "YES" for items to keep and the other box "NO" for items to throw or donate. You won't believe how many dead pens are lurking in a junk drawer. It made the task not only easier but fun.

At the end of it was totally worth it! At first the drawer looked so full that I didn't think I would have enough compartments to hold the amount of junk I had. But to be honest....I didn't really throw that many items away other than pens, broken light bulbs, etc and even after all that I had more than enough space for everything and a home for everything now.

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