How to prevent motion sickness

6:11 AM

My boyfriend and his dad get motion sickness, especially when we are riding a boat. Motion sickness occurs in various ways from long road trips, roller coaster rides, train rides, airplanes, boat, etc.

I used to get seasick before and it was horrible! My parents and I took a trip to Catalina and I couldn't enjoy the ride because all I wanted to do was hunch over the boat and...well you know. I was nauseated the entire trip. I tried laying down and I found out it was the WORST thing to do when you feel nauseated. So after that one trip, I did some research on how to avoid motion sickness. Here are a few things that have worked for me:

1.) Drink lots of water ahead of time, staying hydrated is key.
2.) Take medication, such as Dramamine, to prevent motion sickness at least an hour before.
3.) Suck on ice cubes.
4.) Suck on hard candy.
5.) Eat bananas.
6.) Eat crackers or bread.
7.) Avoid greasy food prior to your trip.a

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