Cirque du Soleil - KOOZA

6:00 AM

My mom bought me front row tickets to see the show "Mystique" of Cirque du Soleil for my birthday once and I was amazed. There was so much going on and so much color that my eyes couldn't focus on one thing.

I love dance, theatre, art, musicals.....anything artistic I embrace.

So now that I'm in New York, I'm ecstatic to find out that there is a show called "Kooza" since Cirque du Soleil's main shows are based in Las Vegas.

The show will be from April 16-June 21, 2009.

Hopefully, when things start to simmer down in my lifestyle I'll be able to grab a ticket and see this show. I don't care if anyone wants to go with me or not...I'll sit on the stage by myself if I have to. hahaha. I really want to see this show.

If you are interested in knowing more about it or want to book a ticket yourself, click here.

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