What To Do With Old Cellphone Earphones

11:58 AM

As years go by, we continue to upgrade in technology, including our cellphones. We move on to newer and better cellphones.

But what happens to all the collection of earphones and bluetooths that we accumulated after years of constantly upgrading to new phones? Do you keep them? Do you throw them away? Maybe the earbuds are  broken at the wire but the mic still works, should that be thrown away? 

Well, Tehkseven shows us an awesome idea on how you can utilize your old earphones. If you're into creating videos or vlogging (like me) then this is perfect for you.

Basically, if you create a great video, it is pretty much worthless if the audio is in the crapper. This is where your old earphones come into handy. You're going to want to cut your earphone wire right above the microphone. Yes, that's what I said. You're going to cut it. You only need the mic part at this point. Well, instead of me explaining, watch the tutorial video below. 

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