Street Art

10:03 AM

I have such an appreciation for all levels of artwork, including street art. If you like street art yourself, then you have to see the documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop. Its release date was March 2010 and since it's an independent film it is only showing in limited places. It talks about the famous street artists such as Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Space Invaders and others. And before you start saying that you don't know who Banksy & Shepard Fairey might be surprised. You probably came across one of their street arts and just weren't aware of it. For example...

...if you live in New York or have visited New York then you must have already seen this artwork (above left) in Manhattan. Or better yet....this picture (above right) that has the face of the famous wrestler, but deceased, Andre the Giant "OBEY"...both pictures created by Shepard Fairey. Now does it ring a bell?
Banksy is known for his humorous, yet artist stencil artwork such as the one above. It's simple, creative, funny and it tells a story.

You can watch the preview of the film below:

Now if you come to my neighborhood in my neck of the woods, there is about 8 blocks of mural sized graffiti street art. Although some people would hate it and find it controversial and label it as pure criminal vandalism that just invites trouble, I for one love it. I took a couple pictures which you can see to the right. Sorry, I took it at night so it's picture quality is not necessarily at its best.

It's an area designated for street art. So yes, all this graffiti is welcomed. Everyday there is always some kind of tourists posing in front of the great walls or a photoshoot going on. You will always see someone spray painting down these streets. Ahhhh....the smell of fresh paint. The best thing about driving down my streets is that you always see something newly painted. So you could never get tired of the artwork. As a matter of fact, every time I drive by it....I am always looking for the newest painting. Oh and yes, Banksy and Shepard Fairey already hit these streets. The next time I get the chance, I'll take a picture of their work and post it up here. So if you see something you like in those streets, you better take a picture of it because tomorrow, it might not be there anymore.

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