Twilight: Eclipse - My Thoughts

5:00 AM

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I just saw the movie, Twilight Saga: "Eclipse" (the 3rd movie - trailer bottom of the page). To be honest...I wasn't entirely impressed with it. Sorry to all you Twilight go hard fans. I really really really wanted to love the movie since I was starting to get into it after watching "New Moon" (2nd movie).

I started backwards and watched the movie first, then the book second. I know, I know...some people say read the book first, then watch the movie. But whatever...I like to do it in that there! haha

Don't get me wrong, the movie was still good....but there were certain scenes in the movie that just made me roll my eyes...not only once, but twice. I don't want to release too much information for those who have not seen it already. But one of the reasons I felt this way about it was over Dakota Fanning's role in the movie. I'm not quite sure what it is, but her character just didn't seem to believable, at least to me it didn't. Trust me, I like Dakota Fanning....she is America's little sweetheart that we all watched grow up on the big screen. But there are characters that if you are used to seeing them play a certain role constantly, it takes some adjusting to see them play something completely different. But, who knows...maybe my opinion will change when the next movie "Breaking Dawn" comes out, which is scheduled to release November 18, 2011.

Another thing is, I'm more of Team Jacob fan...and I really don't care too much about Edward. When I watched "New Moon" it ended with Jacob possibly having a chance with Bella....and the way "Eclipse" made me disappointed since I'm a Jacob fan and made me just want to bitch slap Bella.

But hey...don't let my personal opinions stop you from watching the movie. My mom always said that if a movie gets you mad at the actors...then that means that they're doing a good job. So was the movie worth the $11.50 that I spent? Um....I would have to say yes. Would I watch it again? no.

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