Sex & the City 2

8:35 AM

I was so happy that I was able to watch the movie Sex in the City 2 the day that it came out (May 27, 2010).

Oh by the way, when I went to the AMC theater in Times Square to buy my tickets the day of the release, I found out that they were not even showing the movie. WHAT?!? How is AMC not showing the movie, when we are in New York City, of all places? FAIL!

So, I went to a different theater in Times Square and bought my tickets there with no line, no problem. But right after I bought my ticket....a rush of people came in to buy theirs and the tickets started to sell out. I guess I got lucky.

And as for the movie? I loved every second of it. I was able to relate to so many aspects of the movie which I'm sure so many other women can as well. The things that women talk about in the movie is so realistic because you hear the same stories and issues in real life which made the movie much more enjoyable. It was a realization and comforting feeling to know that all women deal with the same things. But as I grown to learn in's not the challenges or the issues that you need to worry about. It's how you as a person decide how to deal with it. The only thing that wasn't realistic about the movie was what Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) wore everyday while at home. Waking up every morning to 6 inch heels while having breakfast. lol I have to say that Sex in the City 2 was definitely better than Part 1. I hope that there will be a part 3? Maybe? Can I hope...a little? =)

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