New Yorkers v.s. Tourists

8:20 AM

An Anonymous artist, mysteriously painted a white line in the middle of the sidewalk between East 22nd and 23rd street...labeling one side "New Yorkers" and the otherside "Tourists." It's a new way to keep New Yorkers from being driven mad by slow-moving tourists.

The "New Yorkers" lane is obviously the fast lane. The "Tourists" lane is a perfect way to keep out of towners from being trampled on when they stop to take pictures.

"I assumed it was some artist that did it. The New Yorkers walk by, but the tourists stop and look."

Bastian Strobel, 20, a visiting student from Germany, was not insulted.

"I think it's funny," he said. "I was already on the tourist side anyway, so I'll stay there."

Bianca Smith, 32, a receptionist, liked the idea.

"New York tourists are annoying. They stop, look around, take pictures and hold me up," she said. "I don't know if the lanes could be enforced, but it would be nice. For now, I'll just keep walking around them."

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