Diggy Simmons

11:09 AM

Remember Daniel "Diggy" Simmons? Yes, the son of Rev Run from the MTV show "Run's House." Well if you don't know this cute little 14 year old, that's him in the picture to the right with the glasses along side his little brother, Russy.

Well, I was reading Diggy's blog and he uploaded a music video recently titled, "Made You Look." It's actually pretty good! (see video below).

I'm a little surprised to see how much he's grown since I've watched him practically grow up on the show. WOW! I've always been fond of the show. The family is so adorable.

Diggy is also very much into fashion just like his sisters, Vanessa and Angela. He blogs about fashion all the time! He blogs about fashion shows that he goes to regularly and even posts fashion for women. I guess that's why I like to read his blog. I would say his style is like turning the Nerdy Geek into Sleek. I think that would be a perfect description to explain his fashion sense.

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