Sony HDR-CX100 High Definition Handy Cam Review

7:50 AM

I've been looking for a new camera that takes HD quality videos to replace my Canon 750. So the don't be surprised if I blog about a few cameras or camcorders. I'm comparing reviews and test videos till I find the right camera worth purchasing. So far....I saw this camcorder, which is the Sony Handycam HDRCX100 HD Camcorder. I'm looking for something relatively small enough to travel with. The thing that I like about this camera is that it requires flash memory cards which eliminates the use of cords, making it a little more user friendly. Apparently, this is Sony's 1st flash based camera. YAY! The battery lasts up to 7 hours which is GREAT! It also takes regular point and shoot camera shots which is a plus. It's touch screen. And ontop of it's small enough that it fits in the palm of your hand.

Watch the 2 video reviews below for demonstration.

The 1st video is a test video of the quality the camera takes

The 2nd video is review and stats on the camera

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