Jay Sean ft. Thara

1:01 AM

Does this song sound a little familiar to you? It's because the original track is from Janet Jackson from her song back in 1993 "That's the way love goes." Geez! I can't believe it's been nearly 16 years ago when Janet Jackson came out with that hot song. Damn I feel old. lol What do you think of Jay Sean's song? Personally I like the original. Nothing beats the original. Listen to the original also from Janet Jackson. If you watch the video...you can even see Jennifer Lopez in the video before she started making her own albums. haha. Memories. I was such a huge fan of Janet Jackson growing up as a kid (not that i'm not still). But as a kid...I even had a huge treasure chest dedicated to only Janet Jackson stuff. When you opened up my chest....I had glued all kind of pictures that I found of her to the inside of the treasure chest. Then I taped all these Janet Jackson pictures to my wall...a typical teenager room. Ahhhh....memories.

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